Ehsan Nourzadi

Architecture is nothing but the desire for time for a vivid, variable and new space. When ideas become visual in architectural art, it is a sober and intelligent architecture that, by maintaining simplicity in design and fixing this attitude during its process, does not allow unnecessary visual elements to distract the audience from understanding the original idea of the design. Simplicity in design means intensifying the clarity of the concept while simplicity in the structure.

  • 1978
  • M.Sc. in Architecture
  • Founder of Shar Oxin Jonoor Consulting Engineers Co.
  • Software
  • Architecture 
  • History
  • Architectural Associate
  • Architectural activity in the ancient office
  • Pars Veresk Consulting Engineers Office
  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • M.Sc. in Architecture
  • Harazrah Consulting Engineers
  • Bana Tower Consulting Engineers
  • Establishment of Shar Oxin Jonoor Consulting Engineers Co.
  • Design and supervision of Golzar Cultural Complex of Martyrs of Masjed Soleyman2009
  • Design of Gotvand Dam Residential Town 2010
  • Design of The Union Residential Complex No. 1 of Bandar Imam 2011
  • Design of 5000-person Masjed Soleyman Stadium 2013
  • Design of amusement park next to The Seventh Bridge of Ahvaz 2016
  • Design and supervision of international conference hall of Khuzestan Water and Power Organization 2017
  • Design and supervision of monitoring center of Khuzestan Water and Power Organization 2018
  • Design of elements and improvement of entrance and building of al-Ay city municipality 2020
  • Design and supervision of Mazandaran Regional Water Monitoring Center