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• Why Crow?

Every human being follows the interests that symbolize the worldview and the type of attitude of that person to the universe during his lifetime.

Not only in our culture, but also over the years, the rule of different civilizations and cultures of the crow was considered a symbol of darkness because of its appearance except for people who, for whatever reason, began to recognize this beautiful creature.

The course of understanding and studying the characteristics of the crow confronts us with a world of amazing qualities, including a great ingenuity and wisdom, which, no matter how much time you know, will become familiar with the newer features and deeper dimensions of its greed, and this is the beginning of cognitive journey for every human being.

My personal experience of this indescribable interest, which has been achieved over time with the recognition of crows, the analysis of their behaviors has conveyed me messages that have contributed to foresight and how I face dangers.

The sum of distinctive qualities compared to other beings such as wisdom, courage and overcoming fear, creativity, morality, honor and at the same time evil are among the attractions of the crow. The

Crow is a blackbird with a history full of mystery in the world of symbols, cultures and folk legends. Many symbols such as transformation, alchemy, evil, wisdom, courage, overcoming fear, creativity, ethics and honor in different cultures are attributed to crows. From the distant past to the present, many stories have been told about the spirit of the crow around the world. This beautiful bird with its targon wings, which reminds us of the darkness of the night, has been favored in many cultures due to its slang-to-dark look. But that’s not the case for everyone, and some humans, because of the unique characteristics of this beautiful creature, reinforce their foresight power by understanding and analyzing their messages.

People who need help when facing the dangers of life, but who don’t ask for help from any human being, rely on the crow’s spirit as an animal power to better understand their values and better understand deep truths.

To better understand the concepts expressed, we describe the eight unique features of the crow.

1) Crows know clever ways to find food.

2) Crows build tools and use it in the construction of their place of residence

3) Crows can solve feet like human children.

4) Crows hold funerals for their dead.

5) Crows gossip, hold grudges and know you

6) Crows are loyal and remain loyal to their mates

7) Young crows stay at home and help

8) Although crows are very clever, they are not invincible.

Crows have the closest resemblance of the anatomy of the brain to humans, and a plurality of antagonisms such as morality and at the same time evil, courage and simultaneously being defeatable and … It has made the crow a clever friend with unique and close human characteristics.
Since we remember , it has always been said that the lion is the king of the forest, homa bird is a sign of happiness, and the snake is
a sign of emnity and the crow is a sign of misfortune.
The crow was considered a sacred bird in our ancient myths, but by passing the time , this changed, because crows did not have the beauty of birds like parrots.

Few birds are as intertwined with the culture and beliefs of the people as the crow.Before the spread of Christianity , crows were usually a sign of good luck.Some native American tribes believe that the use of crow feathers in clothing makes them brave.Others believe that this bird is the holy messenger of the creator or even a guardian angel with magical abilities.
When we hear the voice of crow while doing something , they say we should be more careful in that work because the crow has warned us.

In fact the crow is like a danger siren that reminds us to analyze it more before making a decision and doing something so that we do not regret it in the end.
The crow’s scary appearance Has always been the beginning of many legends.Many people consider crows To be omnious and a symbol of death but there is a lot To be said about them. One of the most characteristic features of crows Is that they can live in any Habitat from frozen areas to mountains, Plains, Farms, grasslands and cities. The presence of crows On the surface Of the earth dates back to the geological period, about 17 million years ago.

Crows Are omnivores. Finding food is perhaps one of their least common concerns.Crows do not shy away from eating dead animals and garbage.They have the ability to use special tools to find food. For example, research has shown that crows place fruits in the
middle of the street until the car passes over them to eat fruits such as hazelnuts or walnuts that have no holes to break.These animals are so intelligent that they know from experience that heavy machines crush grains , So they choose lighter machines and push the grains under their wheels.Even they often do this when the traffic light is green.Undoubtedly, crows are one of the most intelligent creatures on earth.The fact is that they are even smarter than parrots,owls and other birds of prey.

After conducting various tests on dogs, cats, pigs and crows, scientists found that crows were more successful than others.Research in 2004 showed that crows were even smarter than chimpanzees.Crows brain are relatively larger and more evolved than other bird species.It is interesting to know that the anatomy of a crow’s brain is somewhat similar to that of a human brain.The language of the crow is a complex language and each sound has a different meaning.
Research shows that some of their sounds are alarming,some are imitations of other living things and some are related to the occurrence of a specific event.

Crows are very social.Scotland has a recorded population of crows with over 65000 crows.
Although most humans do not like crows, the fact is that their presence removes many harmful substances from the life cycle.There is a saying that if a crow leaves the environment , that place is no longer a place to live.
Another characteristic of crows is the ability to remember human faces.They have a precise memory of human faces and are able to distinguish between a kind face and a dangerous face, as well as warming of danger to their species.

these birds which are as intelligent as chimpanzees will not forget the face of someone who poses a threat or danger to them for at least 5 year.Another thing that can be said about crows is that there are unknown connections between crows.They have unknown communication systems ,one of which is the complex language between crows. An accident in the Chatham area of Ontario proves the strong memory of crows.

This area is the passage of thousands of migratory birds and crows.The residence of this area who were unable to see the crows decided to shoot the crows away from their place of residence.The result was that the following year , crows peaked even as they flew over the city and tried to keep themselves out of reach as much as possible.Another thing that can be said about crows is their ability to solve problems.In one study , researchers twisted a piece of meat into a rope and tied it to a string.Then hung the string from a wooden stick.Observations showed that the crows sat on the wood in the first and scratched the string.Then they pulled the pieces of rope with their legs and tips until the meat was completely removed.Crows store their surplus food.It has been seen that other crows find their food suply by chasing another crow.Given that the crow is a cautious animal and a master of secrecy , therefore, researchers believe that crows can not steal another crow’s food resources without planning.

Crows are fun and hold parties of happiness for themselves.Sometimes they annoy other animals for fun and entertainment.
For example they attack and frighten a fox, a rabbit or a sleeping cat silently And then they themselves express joy and happiness. Seeing a dead crow, they start a quarrel and mourn his death and bury their dead.You may not believe but crows are capable of mathematicalcalculation.At dawn this bird wakes up any one who sees it asleep.Crows are always suspicious of every one because of their high intelligence.A study in 2016 showed that the crows have a feature called mind theory.This theory means that they are aware of their mental characteristics , and they can recognize the mental abilities of other beings and understand that the mental characteristics of each creature are different.Crows can practice self controlling behavior.The behavior of crows is not only based on instinct , but they have the ability to foresee and do something that is more useful for the future.Crows are known for their great intelligence and ability to flourish the human environment.Living in a group sometimes causes crows to behave deceptively.

Research shows that certain species of ravens are masters of these deceptive practices.Many crows are accustomed to storing food for future consumption,especially in the cold season.But certain species of ravens even go a step further in this case.If they notice that they are being watched, they will dip their beaks into the ground to deceive and confuse other birds without putting the food there.Then they may hide the food somewhere else.Previously , it was thought that only some mammals including dolphins and elephant are aware of their own existence and somehow had the ability to recognize themselves, but recent research had shown that some species of crows also have this ability . The crow is a beautiful bird.A bird that is a symbol of uniformity and honesty.