House of simplicity


  • Location : Sao Carlos, Brazil
  • Senior Designer: Rockville Pelosi
  • Design : view designer
  • Design :  view decoration design
  • Supplier of materials: trading materials
  • Furniture:
  • Area :3620 square meters
  • Year :2018
  • Photos:

The simplicity of the shapes and the clean volume without any information made it possible to create a mini-release in the facade block, making it free from the ground a few centimeters. And those six inches so small by such an important building turned out to be giant and named the project Flying House

With the idea of ​​the maximum openness to the garden, sliding wooden brises are fundamental because they allow to natural light illuminate the areas and filter the sun. The priority of the clients was a good living area, and with this premise the house has fully mixed internal and external areas, they can mix or separate when the sliding doors are closed

Doors collapse and hide in wall sandwiches making the whole house fluid. But when requested, they can isolate the residence. Same thought for the kitchen panel: when open, it is possible to forget that there is closure between the areas. When collected, a wooden skin covers the entire face and closes the kitchen.

The stair/sculpture has three functions: 1- Lead to the upper floor; 2- Decorate the room; 3- Wrap the powder room under the stair. Because it is open and in the heart of the house, visual simplicity has been sought: wooden-lined suspended steps that extend to a ground-floor shelf, colorless glass railing and nothing more 


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