Mehrdad Esmaeilian

Master Of Architecture
1980 Iran
Architect I Artist I Interior Designer / Exterior Designer / Landscape Designer

Architecture is a concern,a journey,a science and at the same time is a work and a business.

Architecture is referred to as a social art and it is also called artistic science.
Architecture is at the level of design excellence.The architect sees human beings and what is important for him is that the art of architecture is a solution and a window for a better life for human beings.

Today researchers have come to the conclusion that architecture and the environment can affect various aspects of human life,including socio-economic and psychological.This is why architects are often good writers ,sociologists,psychologists and anthropologists.
What is very important is that the architect should be aware of what is changing in the world.Architecture is perhaps the most complex of the seven arts.

Belief of understanding architecture as a part of art of living, and the clashing point of the art and industry is one of the most interesting and beautiful concepts of this profession.Architecture should be created and not just made. But what is real architecture and who is a real architect? This question has always ingaged my mind, trying to find the true definition of this term. In search of an answer to this question, I have stepped into unknown territories, dedicating several years of my life to gain a true understanding of the question, and therefore come closer to an answer. May the lord provide me a deeper understanding in this path I tread.


Travel. History. Art. Architectural 

Befor 2012
  • Technical and IndustralConservatory — Building and Comtruction High school / 2002-2006
  • Founded Khesht Khorrshid Iranian Studio/ 2009
  • Architectural Drawing Technician
  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Bachelor of Architecture 
  • Teaching at ahvaz civil House
  • Teaching at chamran University
  • Held ExhibiöonOf Architecture Interior Design
  • Teaching at the debagaran Art Center
  • Held ExhibiöonOf Architecture Interior Design
  • Member Of Iranian Architectural Society
  • Held ExhibiöonOf Architecture Interior Design
  • Selected Design Of Duplex Buildings



  • Member Of Iranian Architectural Society
  •  International Exhibition Of Architecture Interior Design Modern House MIDEX 12019
  • Emirates International University in Dubai — Master of Architecture / 2017 – 2020

Shipping center/ golf mall1 / golf mall2 / azadi mall/2020-2018
Multi purpose/ghadir hotel/ Hezaroyek 12020 • 2017
Administrative/ abfa central / municipality/ TahkirnCo/ EstegNaI Club/ Eliya Co/ m.l.i Co/ 2020—2016
• Restaurant- shop/ El Chico/ Skecbers / coffee shop/ roozbeh/2019- 2016
• medical / Sinoohe Cili / Sina Clinic / Apadana cili / Eshraghi cili 12019 – 2014
• Vila/ IShush Villa/Royan Villa /Afshar Villa/Darya Villa/2018-2016
• Beauty saloon / Sharareh Saloon/nazaninsaloon / Mitray saloon / Khanihr saloon • 2020-2018
• Residential Complex/ Pan Bulding/ Kalar Complex/ al Mehdi/ Parseh / Reapina/ mohammad/ Behsa/2020-2017
• HouseI / Sirkheh House / Tahmasebi Home/ Zardasht House / Eslah Hone/ 2018 – 2014