YAMA Coffee Shop


  • Architects: KSOUL Studio
  • Area:  195 m²
  • Year:  2021
  • Photographs:  Valor Studio
  • Manufacturers: Dulux, Jotun, DIDA, EUROTO, NEWLANDO
  • Lead Architects: Mr. Huynh The Nguyen
  • Clients :YAMA
  • City :Thành  phố Tây Ninh
  • Country :Vietnam

Greeting the two owners of Yama coffee brand – Ky and Phuong – Ksoul was surprised and energized with the remarkable power of youth and passion that they used to grow their products. Knowing that YAMA has been continuously putting effort to improve their beverage product quality and adapt to the taste of the locals really had us appreciate and respect them even more.

The design of this new location actually is inspired by the original brand recognition of YAMA – You Are My Angel, picking up some interesting additional figures while attempting to keep the images that has been familiar to the majority of their supporters, producing a fresh and tight connection between the phases of their development.

Following the fact that Tay Ninh is in its modernization, Ksoul decides to use the cement gray coloration which represents the urbanization concept, and yellow which is the brand color and also the reminder for the sun that has shined on this land. It is also safe to say that this location could be the beginning of the streak of luck for YAMA because yellow happens to be the most trending color in 2021.

In order to create a refreshing industrial-oriented space and impressive light effects, Ksoul has put in use the three significant materials which are cement, concrete, and stainless steel. The bar area is the first to be completed using cement and cladded with stainless steel that allow it to shine brightly to any customers as soon as they set foot into the store.

One special thing about this project is that a majority of interior furniture are customized and produced particularly for this brand. The stainless steel table out on the yard, the couch, the stool, or even the large desk on the second floor are meticulously measured and arranged to satisfy the structural and functional requirements. In addition, you would easily realize that the store is very spacious and comfortable thank to the lighting system application and the installation of glass tiles to help the place absorb natural light from the outside and highlight the yellow colored central area.

The yellow epoxy paint matches with the wall blocks color and the spiral staircase which lead to the second floor, delivering a breakthrough highlight but still linking to the YAMA images located around the space. The angel images, however, are not directly displayed to the brand lovers, but the image of the sun is put on some of the decoration spot to subliminally express the spiritual value of the angels and pay tribute to the supporters of YAMA who has been walking with them throughout their journey.

Ksoul is confident that we have made use of our creativity and understanding of the brand to deliver the most appropriate and impressive design to them. Not only do we focus on aesthetic value, but we also care about customers’ experience and the effectiveness and profit that our project brings to them.

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