Baby Room (Montessori Decoration)

In recent years, we have faced a new trend in the design of children’s rooms: the Montessori flow! This flow is in fact a kind of method of educating children, which is also effective in designing their rooms for the development of children’s personality and individuality.

If you want to release your child’s personality traits with the method of Monte, you need to build a strong character, and you need some clues in the design of your child’s room in this style.

Montessori believes that children are their best educators and has based his work principles on this phrase. According to Montessori theory, the main topic of a child’s education is the evaluation of the child as an individual based on his or her individual skills and interests, speed of learning, and personality traits.

According to this approach, your child has individuality and independence and shapes his daily life according to his personal abilities and interests.

The child focuses on the things he is interested in and improves himself with the abilities he has. Of course, for this purpose, it is necessary for your child to have a space where he can build his personality and discover his personal characteristics. In this environment, your child should be independent, able to make free choices, have freedom of action, and be able to manage their environment.

As mentioned, the most important feature of Montessori style is that your child will find independence and individuality at an early age. For this purpose, he must be able to understand his room in a completely internal way and make it for himself. We also forget about big soft toys that take up a lot of space. Finally, a well-organized group helps the child focus.

Cabinets and shelves:

Usually, the location of children’s toys and the size of the cupboards are designed and selected based on the height of the adults, because it will be easier to assemble, manage and arrange the room in this way. Choose furniture such as drawers and floors based on the child’s height.

In principle, your child should be able to tidy up his entire room without your help, and for this purpose, the furniture should be at a height commensurate with the child’s height. This rule also applies to the Montessori child room.

This way, kids can quickly find what they are looking for without the need for a minute of digging. In the case of books on the shelves, the child should be able to identify them clearly so their cover should be visible.


Beds are one of the most basic things in a room.

The bed will be a short distance from the ground, and the proximity of these beds to the ground is due to the fact that the child can go down on the bed without the need for another person and can arrange it alone.

Of course, these models of beds can be used only for the safety of the child, because they eliminate the risk of the child falling off the bed.

Black board:

Another element that children enjoy writing on and erasing is the blackboard.

Placing a blackboard in the child’s room is also one of the most useful and useful changes you can do in your home.


There are no restrictions for choosing the color of the room with the Montessori decoration method, but the color theme in the Montessori style is neutral. Neutral and soft colors are much more suitable for this method than bright colors.

2021 13/Dec