Play Room

It is necessary to have fun and fun, especially to play at any age. You get rid of your negative energies and interact with others during the game.

Having a room for a game is particularly beneficial for people in a child’s home, young or young, and will certainly affect their psyche. The existence of such a space in the play room is that it provides a safe space for your chider’s movement and game, providing a warm and warm space for family members to spend time with her.
It’s about fun with friends and family and having a quiet mind while playing.

Having an organization that is well organized is highly fundamental. You need to have a separate space for each game and if you can put a cabinet or cabinet in the house, everything will be available to you.
You should be able to dive into the game room times when you need to. Don “t put the game room into second – class and don” t make it unimportant.

Game room design is based on themes tailored to activities and games. In other words, the type of game or games that are going to take place in the room will determine the final theme of the room design. Keep the decoration in accordance with the overall theme of your decoration, otherwise when you enter the game room, you will feel that you have stepped into a completely different atmosphere from home.

The noise cannot be controlled when the games are coupled with excitement. If your room has windows, use double glazed windows so that the sound doesn’t go out. carpet the floor to prevent the sound of sound in the room. There is also equipment for the ceiling too, which at a cost you can prevent the sound from coming out.

You can dedicate any part of the room to one thing, a playroom, a relaxing space, a place to drink a hot or cold drink, and حا allow attendees to walk freely, relax and refresh during the game. Forces.

Since the games are usually multi – player and people are moving around the game, the room that is considered to be a game is quite different. The room should have proper ventilation.

Make the walls more beautiful and desirable by adding curtains to the room. The use of curtains softens the space
And it allows you to hide spaces behind the curtains that you do not want guests to see, such as the laundry space in the basement.
Mirrors are another decorative element that you can use in game rooms.
Mirrors create something like a spark or glow by reflecting light from light sources and add depth to the space.

If you are a lot of glamor and you are looking to create a luxurious atmosphere, you can use a beautiful and magnificent chandelier;
But if you are a fan of simplicity, you can provide enough light with the right lamps, as mentioned earlier, and let the room maintain its function as it is.

The playroom is a room full of life and movement, so you can not put pots or other decorative elements there.

2021 23/Nov