Study Room

one of the most important parts that people and especially the students and students at home are the study. Without doubt, this room makes your performance more effective.

The purpose of the study is to increase the quality of your reading. If you only focus your attention to beautify and design the decoration of the study, but do not care about the necessary factors, your study will not yield results. To keep a modern decoration in your study, we recommend you the library as a cabinet.

To achieve this, as in the picture below, you can use the top of the room to create more space as a cabinet of the library. Design the lower part of the space in the form of an elegant desk and a comfortable sofa.

The study room usually has items such as a desk, reading lamp and shelves or a library, and in some homes the study room is separated from the bedroom.

If the height of your table and chair is standard, you will no longer bend your shoulders forward or lower your feet from the ground. The chair you choose must be easy and fit with the height of the table.

If your chair is a swivel chair, you may be distracted while studying, so choose a regular but comfortable and standard chair.

To make the difference in your layout, you can only achieve this by lighting a lighting around your desk. For this purpose, we suggest lighting your work table around the upper part of your desk. This causes the use of accessories such as the reading light also to be removed from your hands and feet. You can also do this in your library to make space more beautiful.

For a good study, light is one of the most important elements. Lack of light makes the eyes tired and drowsy. In addition, due to the high pressure it puts on the eyes, it causes discomfort and poor eyesight.
So make sure you get enough light for what you do. It is good to know that enough light for studying includes a general light and a specialized light, the general light is usually the same as the ceiling light and the study lamp is used as a specialized light.

If there is a window in your study, we recommend that you place your desk next to it. In the most corner of the room, as in the picture, place your desk in an L shape. This makes the space more cozy and more focused on work and study. Like the previous ideas, you can give more effect to your workspace by using lighting at the top of your desk.

Use all the colors for your room, use bright colors to choose the table and chairs and make sure that their view will be very beautiful next to the wallpaper. Vivid and bright colors make the study room space brighter and larger.

In houses with small space, people use the living room or bedroom to study; But in larger homes, you can have a study space. If this room is connected to the living room, it can be more efficient.

In ordinary houses, bedrooms and living rooms are used as study rooms. In larger houses, space can be allocated as a library, and sometimes this space can be integrated with the parents’s study room. This space can be located near the entrance and the living room.

2021 01/Dec