Bathroom & Service Lighting

If the lighting elements are properly used, the space of different parts of the home, such as bathroom, bathroom, etc., will be soothing and cooler.

Note that there is less light on the day than the night, so it is better to use energy – saving lighting to design proper lighting.Consider the age of people who use bathroom and bathroom when designing lighting.

Note that people who have the age of 60 need almost three times more light than those who have the age of 20, so you’d better use different lights in space.

Don’t limit your lighting design. You can install a photo on the floor and wall and roof of a few LED lights and design appropriate lighting and lighting, as well as the lighting design with the help of the lamp.

A soft lighting design can be carried out from the top of the head with the help of a few lights. Direct lighting design is carried out to perform different tasks with the help of the lamp installation around the mirror and the toilet sink.

2021 03/Sep