Entrance color

The entrance to the house in feng shui is very important because it ” s the way you move your energy into your space. This is what is the gateway to the inner world for energy entry into the inner world, the first space you experience when entering a home. Therefore, the input color in the first impression is very effective at home.

Another technique of decoration is the use of an index color. You can create a decorative element using a certain color at your home entrance. The use of contrasting colours with other colors used in decoration gives rise to the further manifestation of the input. Black color is one of the classic colors for the doors. Choose the color and type of wall wallpaper with a little difference from other parts.

Some appropriate choices that fall into neutral colors are Revere Pewter, Gray Edgecomb, Balboa Mist or Manchester Tan, besides which you can use the color of white Opulence or pure white at the inputs and create a clear, natural look that will be more stressed by the use of furniture, carpets and cloth

Color harmony in and frame:

When you paint the frame and door with a certain color, you will achieve a consistent set of colors that will serve as an independent set in your decoration.

Of course, what color do you choose is quite close to your style of taste and taste. If you wish to be a center of attention in different spaces of the house, you should be able to use non – white and gray colors. Yellow, green, blue, red, and even black will be the right choices

Door and frame and base color color coordination:

In this method, which is one of my favorite methods, doors, frames and baseboards are considered as a set. In this case, you create a beautiful harmony and uniformity in the house. In this way, the eye subconsciously follows the baseboards to the frame and then the door and sees an attractive visual beauty.

You can also use the previous two methods for this idea. Consider all three in one color or choose the base and frame in one color and the door itself in the second color. Let me remind you that both in this case and in the previous case, you can color the baseboard and the frame with other elements of the space such as window frames, frame around the mirrors, entrance cupboard and…. Set and strengthen your design.

Door, frame and wall color coordination:

The fourth mode is a clever and professional trick. This means that in addition to the previous three items, you also add a fourth item, which is the wall, to your collection. If you choose all four elements in one color, the door is completely part of your design and decor and does not work separately.

But you can play with colors and create more diverse combinations. The pictures above are good examples of this idea, which shows that you do not necessarily need to use a single color. Both family and contrasting colors can be used. Of course, you may not use to paint the whole wall and choose only part of the wall to do so. It depends on your creativity and decoration design.

The contrast of color in and the frame:

The second option that exists for painting and frame frames is to use two different colors for this work. The advantage this technique has for you is that the doors will be very much more competitive than before.

Usually, the frameworks are selected as white, but my offer to you is that you can use contrasting colours or even supplements. For example, a black door on the side of the white frame grows larger. Of course, these include all kinds of doors and not only wooden doors.

2021 16/Oct