entrance lighting

Light in such an atmosphere is almost the first word. A special lighting that is only for the entrance of your house will be the turning point of the space. The color of the hallway space and the entrance of the house in bigger and smaller show the environment as well; It makes it look colder or warmer. There are various models such as wall lights, ceiling lamps, indirect lighting systems, chandeliers with different styles and stylish lampshades to brighten and design the entrance corridors. Given the design style that you have in mind, you can choose the appropriate lighting system. If you have a narrow, dim aisle, the wall lights are the best way to light up the environment, but you have to consider that a lot of wall lights will show the hall and the entrance hall smaller than they are.

Following are some types of incoming light systems:

LED lighting system:
LED lights are one of the most widely used lighting practices. The amount of energy consumption in this light system is less than the other lighting methods and is the best option for home lighting lighting. This type of lighting allows the use of LED lights in different colors and in the corridor or other places on the basis of the user’s needs. LED lights can be made by using LED lights at the side of a roof or wall lights. You can move into space by creating geometric forms in the roof.

Decorative wall lights lighting system:
Wall lights are lighting systems that can be used to create walls with a very beautiful and stylish appearance. You do not need to be satisfied only with ceiling chandeliers, by using wall lights next to ceiling chandeliers, you can create a bright and shiny entrance corridor and achieve a beautiful harmony in its decoration.

Lighting system of sconce lights:

The last option, which can be considered for decoration and outdoor lighting, is the cast lights. Because of the installation angle they tend to have more soft light radiation than the roofs of the ceiling. Those wishing to appear in the hall are poetic, poetic, and romantic, they can benefit from this lighting model. Some people turn the stretch of corridor wall with the help of decorative paintings into a small gallery. In these situations, the lighting with the panels along with the wall paintings can be a welcome message from the landlady.

 Cell halogen lighting system:

The halogens are the lighting system, which is embedded with certain distances on the ceiling and creates a beautiful space in the entrance halls. This halogen is also widely used for automatic and automatic lighting systems. You can design an elegant, bright, airy input with the application of a ceiling fan. Using beautiful design elements, turn the entrance hall into a unique and unique place.

Indirect lighting system:

To direct all light to the ceiling or wall, you can use the indirect lighting system. The purpose of using this light system is to reach a place that looks beautiful and beautiful in appearance. The lighting in indirect systems such as other lighting systems is not powerful, generating average lighting between 0 % and 10 %. But when you look at direct light systems, you will see the light of 100 %

Lampshade lighting system:

Lampshade are best known to clarify all parts of the home, including the entrance passages as a very stylish and scenic solution. If you use a console in the entrance hall, you can decorate it by using elegant lighting systems. On the consulate with flowers, works of art and beautiful art, you can create a different space using a beautiful light.

lighting system for pendant lamps:

You can also use incandescent lamps in either classical or modern models depending on your style. You can create harmony in the color of the hanging lamps and the props used in the hallway or create a contrast using a different color.

These pendants in which the wires and the shape of the lamp appear, create beautiful contrast to the roof and light walls, giving a modern look to the place. Using these lights, whose form and color are given priority, will give you a different look at the entrance hall of your home.

2021 10/Sep