Kitchen Accessories

Building an app in the kitchen cabinet is actually one of the best solutions we can use to store extra containers, tools and land food that we want to use in the future. In a modern kitchen, order to arrange the layout of the first one, the use of a suitable kitchen tool will display your kitchen decoration much easier.

The traditional kitchen decoration did not pay much attention to the kitchen environment as the main reason for it to be high, while in the modern kitchen it is very important to observe the layout and use of kitchen utensils and kitchen cabinets, due to the smallness of the homes and kitchen rooms, and the lack of compliance will lead to a rush of small spaces

Literally, accessory means auxiliary, perimeter, and accessories and auxiliary equipment. In the kitchen cabinet, accessories are used to arrange non-functional spaces and increase their efficiency. Depending on the type of cabinet, various types of cabinet accessories, rotating accessories, can be used. Fixed accessories, etc., each of which has its own advantages. In this article, we will discuss the types of kitchen accessories and their applications.

Types of kitchen accessories
Accessories are classified into the following types in terms of shape and application:
Supermarket basket kitchen accessories
Supermarket basket is a type of cabinet accessory that is made in various dimensions and sizes based on the available space. This type of supermarket basket is divided into several categories: ground supermarket basket, half floor supermarket basket, detergent supermarket basket, side-mounted supermarket basket, refrigerator supermarket basket and middle supermarket basket.

In fact, the supermarket is available in two general types of basket baskets and a standing basket. This kind of supermarket is open and closed into a rail and are in a state of 2 or 3 classes and are used to keep dry fruits, onions, potatoes, oils, etc.

These portfolios are installed from floor to floor, usually in the range of 15 to 60 cm, depending on the unit type and unit size.

The work baskets are either technically or fixed and have 2 – 3 classes. The items you can use from these portfolios can be referred to as:

Bottle – oil – nuts – dried fruits and vegetables and a variety of dry – grade vegetables and …

Magic Corner

Some cabinets are deep and hard to reach. The last part of the cabinets is always untidy. The Magic Corner is the best option to use the far – reaching space that lies in the corner of the kitchen. Most people think the space will always be used without use, but with this strategy you can use this place in the best way to put things in place.

Most magic corners have three main parts:

Two-story supermarket basket that is installed on the main door of the cabinet.
The floor runner that connects the supermarket basket mounted on the door to the indoor supermarket.
A two-story supermarket basket inside the unit that performs a horizontal movement.

Magic corner cabinets have a lot of space for storing kitchen utensils, but due to their irregular geometric shape, they are a bit difficult to organize the utensils, and for this reason, a special organizer must be placed in them. These organizers make optimal use of dead spaces and have a special order in your cabinets by having several floors.

Pot Organizer

Pots and pans are one of the most widely used kitchen utensils that disrupt the order of your cabinets due to their unsuitable physical structure, and you are always involved in arranging them. Using the kitchen accessory of the pot organizer can give a special order to your cabinets by optimizing the spaces out of reach and having several floors.

One of the most practical از is the pot holders the best choice for placing the pot, the frying pan, and the doors inside the cabinets. Since there is at least one pot or pan in the kitchen of any Iranian that is difficult to store and layout in the cabinet, this can help you.

Gutter basket accessory

Kitchen gutter baskets can be used to tidy up dishes and dishes, which prevents the dishes from accumulating on top of each other. These baskets are available in unit sizes 80-90-100-120 for metal and wooden cabinets. The material of these baskets is iron and steel, the type of steel is more resistant to rust.

You have probably heard the name of this accessory. This accessory is used when you wash dishes and dishes and need space to dry them and then put them in their place. This accessory model is made in one to several floor dimensions with different materials that have different prices.

Sliding accessory

Using a sliding accessory in your modern kitchen will help you not only be able to use your appliances easily, but also provide more space for you. Another advantage of a sliding accessory is that it prevents clutter inside the drawer.

You can store a lot of practical tools in the kitchen using a sliding window. If you have a deep and non – profit space, a sliding window will be the best option for you to install a drawer in a drawer with different kinds of drawers and how they can be accessed.

Usually, drawers are spaces that provide different devices with respect to the depth and space that they possess, and are usually therefore inconsistent. However, there are a number of sliding doors that can be arranged in order to help them to tidy up the space inside every drawer. It is available for all spoons and forks, bowls, and other devices. به the inner space of the drawer using a sliding drawer.

You can also equip large, tight cabinet drawers with sliding baskets in order to protect the breakable vessels that prevent your dishes from being broken and broken because of their different sizes. In spite of the kitchen utensils, the fragile containers need not be put together in large numbers, but you can put them in any better order at any given area.

Kitchen trash

Placing a trash can in the kitchen does not look very nice, so we have tried to install it in a local cabinet space for garbage. Garbage bins are used as singles and twins to separate garbage and are usually installed as rails under the sink.

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