Kitchen cabinet color (part II )

The cabinet color is one of the most important and influential factors in the beauty of the kitchen, which is due to the psychological characteristics embedded in each of them. Moreover, the kitchen cabinet color is directly related to the large or smaller the inner space of the environment, and the attention to this issue is quite essential for the small and small space.


Violet is another type of colors that make the kitchen look beautiful and attractive. In most kitchens, this color is white with white, and you can use violet color for kitchen cabinets, and use white paint for the walls and the kitchen floor.

It has a beautiful purple kitchen decoration, and if you want to design modern decor in your home kitchen, you’d better use this beautiful color.


Green color is very green in nature, which is why it is a natural and new sensation. Of course, different shades of green are different in terms of heat or cooling of space and feel. They’re more energetic than they are, for example, they’re more energetic than they are, and vice versa – the green color that’s inclined to blue is feeling more peaceful and cool

In general, green color causes stability and anxiety and reduces excitement. It feels fresh and refreshed to establish feelings and strengthen morale. In some people, the same green color will cause frustration, laziness, and apathy


The hazel color increases the warmth of space for a kitchen cabinet. The creation of a large – colored space can bring the kitchen decoration to its beauty.

Note that in the fill kitchen the light is better than the hazel color in the kitchen. The granite surface in black and dark gray helps in the color of the kitchen in color combinations with the same color.

Cream and brown :

As you know, the range of brown colors for the kitchen has a wide range. Sometimes it is difficult to choose the desired color and ideal for the space and it can even cause doubts. In these cases, use a combination of brown colors for the MDF kitchen cabinets. Light cream or brown stone tops with dark brown MDF cabinet body adds to the sense of beauty and style of kitchen decoration.

Coffee is one of the colors that may evoke a rustic style for you. Also, if you combine it with olive green, it can be ideal for villas located next to fields. For those who like neutral colors, coffee is a good choice that creates a sense of security in the space.

Nescafe, walnuts:

The same color is a good option for the ام cabinet in the modern kitchen, with a similar shade of Nescafe, cinnamon, cinnamon, and a similar color spectrum for the MDF cabinet in the modern kitchen.

When using small tiles with a spot designed and designed in the cabinets, there is a pleasant space that you will enjoy spending your time in your kitchen

Burnt brown:

The dark brown or burnt brown is best used in the large, brightly lit kitchen. Due to the color of this color, the kitchen space has been shrinking and the space used is less used. Make kitchen utensils as silver and stainless steel to complete your modern kitchen. Install a light cream and lighter shade of color.

2021 03/Oct