Kitchen Cabinets

In general, the types of cabinets are divided into two modern, classical styles, and all models are embedded in these two groups. The kitchen cabinet structure, whether in the classical or modern style, consists of two main parts of the “cabinet body”. The bodies are equal in all kitchen cabinets, and what gives the cabinet a special model is the type in it.

The metal cabinet:
Metal cabinets are cabinets that are seldom used today. The cabinets are produced and supplied from lower prices than other types of cabinets in the Iranian cabinet.

It is evident that we mean an aged cabinet that has been in Persian kitchens in the past decades. Metal cabinets are highly resistant to impact and pressure, depending on the thickness used in it. Metallic cabinets are easy to paint and easily repaired if it fails; however, they do not have strong positions.

MDF cabinet
A cabinet whose body and doors are made of MDF. This type of cabinet is made of Iranian, Turkish, Austrian, German and Spanish sheets.

MDF cabinets have a good resistance to air humidity, and therefore its use in the kitchen environment, where the humidity rises during cooking, seems reasonable and appropriate. MDF is extremely heat resistant and suitable for sound insulation. Beauty, elegance, variety of colors and high design is another advantage of MDF cabinets.

PVC cabinet
PVC is a type of compressed plastic that is made in the form of relatively thick sheets with a thickness of 1.5 to 2 cm. One of the main applications of kitchen cabinets is plywood for places where water use is high and there is a possibility of rot in the cabinet, because this material has a very high resistance and longevity.

Light weight, high resistance to heat and humidity, easy installation, anti-scratch and long life are among the advantages of this type of cabinet. But its disadvantage is the indestructibility of PVC sheets and environmental damage. Also, the price of this type of cabinet is higher than Amide. This model is an antibacterial cabinet and rarely absorbs dirt, but you can use a damp cloth to remove dust from it.

High glass cabinet:
Glass cabinets are a more advanced type of MDF cabinet. The raw material of high glass cabinets is raw MDF, which is coated with Plexiglas. This material is actually a kind of glossy plastic that has a very clear, shiny and polished appearance that is not unlike glass but has a much higher resistance than glass.

Glass cabinets have a very high light reflection and are suitable for small spaces. This cabinet is in the upper to middle range economically and is slightly more expensive than MDF cabinets. Glass has a different style due to its gloss and is one of the most widely used materials in making Iranian cabinets.

Polygalas cabinets
Polygalas coated MDF has been produced using the latest technologies and new technical knowledge, whose special and incredible features have made it particularly popular. Significant progress of this material in the field of impact and scratch resistance as well as its antibacterial, vivid and attractive colors, various and fancy designs such as mirror design and…, higher thickness of the sheet and as a result its greater strength and… all They have greatly influenced the popularity of this product.

The material shape of the glass is similar to glass, but its weight is higher compared to lighter glass and its resistance. The existence of polyester lining at the surface of the cabinets caused the formation of unique features, which is why the cabinet cabinet is known to be the best types of cabinets. A matte and polished state can be developed at the same time, and this is an effective factor in the beauty of the polymer cabinets.

Plywood cabinets
The term plywood refers to composites made of wood and thermostats or thermoplastics. Plywood is used in the design of kitchen cabinets due to its features and benefits. These advantages include waterproofing, sound insulation, heat and cold, resistance to the absorption and penetration of any germs and bacteria, any type of acid, liquids and fats, etc.

They are also fully capable of washing with the types of detergents and detergents and their resistance to any kind of cracking and cracking.

Louvre cabinet

The louvre cabinet is a thin wooden panel, separated from each other in a horizontal and cross – distance. There is a tiny gap between the wooden panels of the cabinet, which also plays air conditioning.

Among the Iranian cabinet, cabinet cabinet, cabinet is expensive because the raw material used to make it is wood. At the same time, the cabinet is worth a lot of shopping, and with unique beauty, fewer people will regret buying.

All wood cabinets
The wood is the most original and most luxurious luxury that you can order for your kitchen. The wooden cabinet in history has countless fans, and because it comes from nature, with a sense of calm and warmth of nature. The wooden cabinets, indeed, have incredible beauty, elegance, and grace to your kitchen.

The wood is expensive, so it is natural that the cabinet cabinet is the most precious form of Iranian cabinet. wooden cabinets have been kitchens from the past to this day, and are extremely used in the construction and production of interiors.

Membrane cabinets (vacuum)
Membrane cabinet or vacuum is another form of MDF cabinet. To make and produce membrane cabinets, raw MDF sheets are patterned by advanced and industrial CNC machines and then coated and vacuumed with a layer, usually PVC. Membrane kitchen cabinets are usually made and produced in traditional and classic designs, and designs or decorations that have always been made of wood, such as inlays and mosaics, can be made with membranes at a lower cost. So if you want to have the beauty of a classic cabinet but do not pay as much as a classic all-wood cabinet, use a membrane cabinet.

Membrane cabinets have been able to have a significant presence in Iranian cabinets and in addition to being reasonably priced, they also have high durability and, like classic cabinets, can bring the glory and dignity of a royal cabinet to your kitchen. Because the membrane cabinet is monolithically coated, it is beautiful and eye-catching, and due to the insulation of the PVC coating against water, it is impermeable and resistant to moisture and water.

2021 15/Sep