kitchen cabinet color (part I )

Every person knows his own taste for choosing a cabinet color when it comes to cabinet paint. Of course, personal taste is very important in choosing a cabinet color, but it can improve our personal taste. in addition to the visual beauty of the surroundings. Selection and use of colors is one of the most important things in interiors and kitchen interiors

Consider some tips in choosing the kitchen cabinets of cabinets:

In addition to the cabinet design, the cabinet also affects the beauty and charm of the kitchen. shine colors can pitch into small kitchens and make the kitchen look bigger.

Prioritize as much as your choice of bright and cold colors. Such colors have the greatest effect on the larger space of space. Colors like light blue or green are a reminder of natural and free spaces, such as sky and oceans, that another advantage is to use such colors. On the other hand, the use of warm colors such as red, orange or lime green is not recommended. The kitchen space with such colors will look smaller

The use of colors such as lavender or pale green makes the kitchen room larger and bigger. By using different colors, you can also expand the feeling and serenity of the space in space.

Following are some of the most famous types of paint:


Yellow is also one of the great choices for small kitchens, and when the light hits it, it gives a glow. To make small kitchen space larger, it is advisable to use white paint with yellow color; for example, you can turn yellow the cabinets and the wall and roof white (or vice versa).

The two colors make each other more prominent. Use dark marble or dark gray marble for the kitchen counter. The contrast with which this color produces the atmosphere of the kitchen more than

Light gray:

White gray is one of the bright colors in the cabinet cabinet. This color can easily be coordinated with other colors because of the neutral theme and in the kitchen decoration. It is suggested in a light gray kitchen. The combination of different degrees of a particular color (dark, medium, and bright)like gray creates a soothing atmosphere in small kitchens.

When the difference between the color of different parts of the kitchen is not so tangible, the atmosphere will look bigger than the actual area of it. Try this combination with any other color you like. The only important thing is that the difference between the color of different parts should not


Red is a variety of warm colors and energy. It’s better to use this color alone in the kitchen atmosphere and combine the red color with other colors like gray and white and cream to create normal decoration in your kitchen.

Peppermint green:

The combination of these colors also gives you a comforting atmosphere to your small kitchen, with the combination of the two green peppermint and the sea blue. The use of white paint also gives you the brightness and brightness to the kitchen. It gives a bit of orange color to the space in some parts, and the use of it as long as these colors make the kitchen look more beautiful. This color is charming, peaceful, and special.

But on the other hand, there isn’t much excitement in space, and that makes it an ideal option for the kitchen. With the help of this color, it can be designed with modern, peaceful, and positive energy.


Orange color is used in kitchens with modern decoration. Combining orange with gray and gray is one of the most popular and attractive color combinations for kitchen decoration.

White, black with other colors:

The stark contrast between white and black can make your small kitchen space look bigger. Whiten kitchen walls (or a variety of white color spectrums) and use black on cabinets; In this way, the cabinets and the kitchen space in general, with the help of white color, will be more prominent and more attractive.

White symbolizes purity, simplicity, beauty, peace, goodness, light, serenity and confidence. This color relaxes the eyes and is suitable for dark and small places because it reflects light and makes the space bigger than it is.

For other parts and kitchen utensils, you can use almost any other color you like. That being said, when choosing the best color for small kitchens, you can also take advantage of the striking contrast between white and black, thus choosing the colors of other areas more freely.

Black absorbs light completely, so it reduces the effect of factors that reduce focus and also discourages small spaces. So it is better to use this color carefully, and more in large spaces.


there are lots of different ways in which she should not be used in tiny spaces, which makes the smaller one. The use of pink in the kitchen impress the organ decorations and the other parts must be designed to coordinate with the kitchen, otherwise it ” s pitch – free, ugly, or boring.

Well, naturally they need special colors to show their beauty. On the other hand, it helps to be charming and gentle, but it doesn’t make a lot of visual, and it ‘ll be boring after a while.


The color of blue formerly calculated to be dull, is now listed on the list of the best colors for the kitchen.

The blue color in the decoration has a very high charm and can give you a small amount of beauty to your small kitchen as a color. If you want to use blue paint in the kitchen decoration, apply a little bit and shade the edges of it.

2021 03/Oct