Kitchen Counter

The most popular materials that can be used to make the kitchen counter are laminate, granite, wood, glass, composite stone and stainless steel. Each material has the advantages and it is best to consider all the necessary items before choosing the appropriate types.

Wooden counter:
The wooden counter is the counter, used in the old, due to its popularity and the thermal conductivity that induce the environment. In order to build a wooden counter, the use of solid wood is superior to soft wood. For example, the use of oak tree wood and coconut can be a viable option to build a wooden counter with solid wood.

The use of wooden counter is possible in different kitchen styles. If they are properly maintained, they can be used for a long time. Note that you avoid direct hot devices on these surfaces and using chemical detergents to clean them.

Composite counter:
A remarkable feature of these counters is their high resistance. These counters are resistant to any scratches, heat and rust. Because these counters have a high resistance, they can be used around a variety of sinks or stoves.

The use of composite laminates in dark gray and blue paint creates a very beautiful view of the modern style. If the traditional style is used in the kitchen design, it is best to use the counter – neutral counter.

Granite counter:
Natural stone is used in the construction of granite counters. Marble is known for its classic, beautiful and luxurious types. These counters have a high price. Granite counters never get old. Granite counters have high resistance and are resistant to heat and any scratches and damage.

However, do not forget to take care of them, because in the long run there is a possibility of injury. The biggest advantage of these counters is that they are natural. Granite counters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes in the market.

Counter laminate:
Choosing laminate counters can be the best choice in terms of the amount of money spent to buy them. These counters are very easy to maintain and are available in different designs and colors. These counters are resistant to any scratches and water vapor.

The use of these counters in modern and traditional style kitchens creates a beautiful view. These counters are stainless and resistant to chemical detergents. Laminate is produced in various designs and colors and brings a very stylish and beautiful look. The laminate has a smooth and glossy surface, which is why it has been considered by many designers.

Glass counter:
The use of glass counters among interior decoration designers has a lot of fans because they look clear and somehow make the kitchen environment lighter. The counter is completely safe against rust and water vapor, and it is very comfortable to clean them.

This counter is mostly used in small kitchens; Because the use of these counters in small kitchens makes the kitchen look bigger. The use of glass countertops in modern style kitchens creates a very beautiful view.

Stainless Steel counter:
They are resistant to heat and are resistant to heat. They are often used in restaurant environments. Another important point about the is their antibacterial properties.

Concrete counter:
The counter, used in the manufacture of concrete, has an industrial appearance and is in different colors.

These counters are very heavy and although they are considered as resistant counters, but they are not very resistant to corrosion and scratches. The use of this counter in the kitchen in industrial style is more used.

Quartz stone counter:
Quartz stone is a type of artificial stone that has a very high durability and longevity. The appearance of this type of stone is in the form of boulders with veins in it, which has a very smooth and shiny surface due to the absence of any porosity. One of the features of this type of stone is its anti-stain and scratch. Quartz counter cleaning does not require any detergent. Due to the antibacterial properties of quartz stone, it is easy to clean and maintain.

Soap stone counter:

The soap is a type of natural stone used for the cabinet. It is resistant to acidic and alkaline substances and has a high permeability. It is very easy to maintain and clean up the pieces that are made with this type of stone.

These cabinet tops have a natural look and are suitable for any type of decoration in the kitchen. Soap stone is made of talc, so it is very soft. Counters made of this type of stone have a high variety of colors; Including brown, green, gray and… that are selected according to individual tastes.

2021 19/Sep