Kitchen equipment (oven, microwave and coffee maker)

Today, due to busy work, everyone is looking for an easy solution to fast cooking. One full application that is often installed in the kitchen is microwave and microwave and coffee maker. The following are briefly outlined in relation to each of them:

The oven:

There are a few basic things to keep in mind when buying this kitchen appliance. Ovens are divided into built-in ovens and furnished ovens in terms of type.

In terms of cooking method, ovens are divided into 3 categories: gas oven, electric oven, convection oven, which you choose one of these categories based on your budget and type of need.

When buying an oven, be sure to pay attention to its brand. Be sure to use reputable brands with an after-sales guarantee. Some ovens are equipped with a chicken engine and a self-cleaning system for oven heating, which is done by cleaning it using high temperature. If you use ballast ovens, be sure to pay attention to the delicacy of the oven. Usually, the capacity of ovens on the market is 70, 65, 55, 40, 28, 25 liters. Consider it in the kitchen. Usually the standard size of ovens is 120,90,60 cm.


Today, this device is widely used in the kitchen of every family. Some of the devices that work with microwave technology know the most innovative names such as microwave, microwave, Solardam and etc. It is generally the way in which the microwave energy converts electrical energy into microwave waves, and when it gives food to food, heat and cooking. These direct waves affect the moisture present in the food and does not warm the container. As a result, unlike conventional methods, it saves energy.

Types of microwave models:

High gas microwaves:

Gas microwaves take the place of the kitchen hood and are installed on top of the stove. Make sure you buy a microwave that matches the color of the stove. These devices have a higher price and may also add installation costs to this price.

These types of microwave ovens are located above the stove and in addition to the function of the microwave oven, they also have the same function as the hood. Most of these microwave ovens have a fan to eliminate steam and odors from cooking on the stove. Some models are equipped with sensors and start automatically as soon as steam or heat rises from the stove.

Sub-cabinet microwave (suspended)

Another type of microwave is under-cabinet appliances. These devices are designed to be placed under your top cabinet to be suspended or hung. The only real advantage is that it makes it easier to keep the counter empty. If your counter space is small, you can consider this option for shopping.

Built-in or sliding microwaves:

The main difference between this model and its regular models is only in its location, which in addition to not taking up much space like its desktop model, but also makes the kitchen space more beautiful. The price of this model is higher than other models.

coffee maker :

One of the advantages of built-in kitchen appliances is to save more space on the cabinet top. By installing a coffee maker inside the cabinet, no more space is occupied on the cabinet top. It can also be connected directly to the water piping system. This way, the user no longer has to travel the distance between the sink and the coffee machine.

Built-in coffee maker is one of the most modern types of coffee machines. In fact, the design as well as the location of this coffee maker is such that you can use this machine without taking up space in your kitchen. This coffee maker model is placed inside the cabinet. The main body and appearance of this coffee maker will no longer be known, and only the location of the coffee and water, as well as the location of the coffee exit in this model of the coffee maker will be visible.

2021 10/Nov