Kitchen Equipment (stove)

There are different types of gas stoves that are available in the Iranian market. For this reason, you should be fully acquainted with its different models in advance. In terms of body material, they are the most sold models in the market.

It’s steel and glass models. However, in terms of apparent design and performance of gas types, the following models can be divided into:

The built – in stove

The built – in stove is nowhere located and installed on a part of the kitchen, such as special tables or cabinets. Most built – in stoves are gas, but a few interior and external brands have produced electric ovens with beautiful and beautiful touch screens. The number of built – in gases range from one flame to 6 flames.

The built – in stove is compact and they occupy less place and are very smart and beautiful. The efficiency and power of this type of stove are no different than that of a giant gas stove.

The electric stove

The stoves are elegant, powered by electricity, and have touch and touch plates instead of the usual screws of the fire. This type of stoves are more immune to other stoves and low cooking time due to high power, but electricity consumption is high in use of this kind of stove, and it is ineffective in cutting power.

The gas stove furnished

The gas stove is the best gas stove in the last few years, but it has replaced the built – in stove with the time and the development and production of the gas stove types. The model is made from the gas stove, which is produced in four and five flames.

Stove top:

In a world where some of us live in small, portable homes, or like compact, minimalist living, the proper use of space is crucial. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house where we spend many hours during the day. On the other hand, the presence of large appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers and stoves in the kitchen does not leave much space for us.

The interesting and interesting point is that plate gas in terms of construction is also a different classification. This diversity also makes buyers feel different when shopping. This natural gas model is divided into the following types, each having their own characteristics. In addition, the construction material has an effect on screen gas prices.

Glass stove:

The model, which we see so many days in today’s apartments, has become more robust than glass – resistant glass. One of the positive features of a beautiful glass plate is its attractive design that transforms the kitchen space into a very modern and minimal environment. Be aware, of course, that there is a possibility of breaking and not hitting or dropping something on them.

All steel stove:

If you are looking for a stove that lasts for years and does not say oh, the all-steel model will undoubtedly come first. For this reason, some people prefer this model to the glass model, and the design is not a criterion for them.

Ceramic stove:

A new model of plate gas is sold in the market that has a ceramic body. In fact, it can be said that this model has the beauty of the glass model and the strength of the steel model.

2021 10/Nov