Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen is the heart and spirit of a house, we do not have food, we work there, help children to do homework, and spend meals with family members, those we love, so the light and attention to the different layers of lighting are essential for this part of the house.

Experts believe that the best time to find the right place to install a kind of light bulb is just at the beginning of the kitchen design. Because, if you put it off to the final stage, you will definitely face restrictions.

This multi – purpose space for lighting requires three types of lighting:

General lighting: which is known as the general and general lighting of the environment.

Practical lighting: which refers to the light required for activities related to each part of the house.

Decorative lighting: the amount of light we use to highlight elements and accessories.

General lighting:

The best kitchen lighting needs to provide full light, no color and shadow. Look at the different parts of your kitchen and think about any activity that takes place in any part, where you prepare the basics of food and then add it to the kitchen sink, the kitchen sink, where you keep the dishes.

Applied Lighting:

The lighting in the kitchen is not just the use of expensive lights and lights, but the purpose is to apply a right and correct lighting in the kitchen to adapt to the kitchen design and add to the beauty and dignity of the kitchen.

Lighting in modern interiors is more directed toward lighting using secret lights.

The secret lights in the kitchen are running in the bottom and top of the cabinets so that they are not directly visible, reflecting the reflection on the floor and ceiling. In addition to less heat generation, these lights also have a lower rate in power consumption. The counter is used to perform most tasks in the kitchen from the counter.

The position of the counter is correct on the counter, so the easiest way to light them is to install the shaded lights. Keep in mind that most of them have luminous surfaces as they are used in making them such as marble or granite. Thus, the light source needs to diffuse the light at the counter counter of the kitchen to prevent the reflection of light.

It is better to install these lights in the front part of the cabinet and be about a few inches away from the door. LED wires can also be used for lighting inside the cabinet. For cabinets that have glass doors and are mostly used as decor, a suitable light can be installed in the back of the cabinet.

LED lights can be used to illuminate open kitchens and highlight decorative accessories, bedding and wall patterns. If you have glass cabinets and keep your utensils and accessories inside, you can use these lights to Provide appropriate decorative lighting, or if you have a number of shelves in your kitchen, you can use LED strips that provide linear lighting, you can also use these lights to illuminate the dark corners and inside the cabinet.

The use of circular halogen frames, which are capable of adjusting and directing the light, or halogen frames, which are a source of light, can be very applicable to kitchen lighting because halogen lights give a luxury and luxury atmosphere to the kitchen.

Decorative Lighting

The amount of light in the lighting lighting must be 3 times as much as the general lighting. If there is a special area in your kitchen you tend to attract everyone’s attention, the amount of light can be up to 5 times more. For open kitchen or island lighting, use hanging light! The lights, also known as light bar, can now give you a restaurant and a fancy restaurant. The intensity and amount of solar radiation are the point you need to make sure that some of these lights only perform decorative lighting and cannot be regarded as a strong central light source.

If you want better and more lighting in the open, choose the pendant light below the swing. If the kitchen floor is covered with flooring that reflects light, it is better to use lighting fixtures that emit light throughout the space. Remember to use separate power switches or dimmers to control the brightness when using this method. By doing this, you can control the brightness of each part individually.

The use of mobile lights because they are capable of moving and changing the path of lighting have been the focus of many people. As you can see in the image, these lamps are in a row and behind each other. the advantages of using these lamps can be referred to as low or in addition to the lamps.

This makes the amount of illumination available in the kitchen according to your needs and taste. However, in general, the use of this lamp model in the industrial style is widely used and has a great influence on the kitchen design.

What we discussed here was to provide some tips on the use of proper lighting and kitchen lighting.

2021 14/Sep