Kitchen Wall Covering

Like any other part of the house, the kitchen also requires a cover for its walls. The covering of the kitchen wall as opposed to other spaces should have unique characteristics. For example, it has to be good enough to withstand the moisture because the water and water vapor in the water can spoil your mood.

The kitchen wall covering should have good resistance to wear, detergents and food stains. According to the fourth issue of the national regulations of matter 4 – 5 – 5 – 2 – 2 The walls surrounding the sink and the oven in separate and open kitchens should be covered up to at least 1 / 50 meters from the same tile.

In general, kitchen wall coverings can be made and made of different materials. He used wood, MDF, high glass and membranes, PVC, resin, steel, tiles, natural stone, artificial stone, glass, wallpaper, mirrors and many other materials in the implementation of the kitchen wall covering.


Usually wood material is used to cover the floor, but it can be thought of differently and used processed woods to cover the walls. is one of the oldest and oldest building materials in the world.

This valuable material can be used in producing a variety of kitchen types. The wood is neither polished nor polished, wood as small pieces of wood, timber, and many different forms can be used for cooking utensils under a few examples.


Glossy ceramics that are installed on the kitchen wall are different from floor ceramics. The ceramic floor of the kitchen should be such that it can be walked on and have more resistance, while choosing a kitchen wall tile does not need to pay attention to this point. It is one of the oldest wall coverings and floors in Iran, which due to the availability of raw materials, the tile industry has experienced significant progress in recent years.

Maybod tile is one of the high quality tiles that is world famous. Tiles can be considered as a suitable option for covering the kitchen wall. Resistance to moisture, heat, cold, detergents and… are its prominent features.


Wallpaper is one of the most popular topics among people. The look of beauty and variation in the design and color is the resistance to dampness and detergents, including features that make the paper suitable for all types of kitchen utensils to be performed. Of course, the kitchen should use a variety of wallpaper types that are resistant to water and moisture.


Glossy black and gray glass tiles bring energy and vitality to this modern kitchen. Glamorous glass tiles along with flat kitchen cabinets and black countertops double the charm and dazzle of the modern decoration of this kitchen.

Glass is also one of the most widely used materials in the construction industry, but its use as a kitchen wall covering is a bit rare. Of course, this is not disgusting. People who are looking for a special style of interior decoration and want to have special houses can use glass wall covering to cover the walls of their kitchen.

Bronze tiles

Three-dimensional bronze pieces give a modern and new look to the space and attract the attention of every viewer.


PVC is also one of the most widely used polymeric materials in the construction industry. PVC doors, windows and pipes were the first PVC polymer products to enter the market, followed by a variety of products made of PVC, including wall coverings.

Due to their good resistance to moisture, heat and impact, these products are very suitable for running as kitchen wall coverings.


Brick designs are always familiar to us and give a warm feeling to the home space. In this image, the designer has tried to make the kitchen more beautiful by creating a contrast between the color of the walls and cabinets, but sometimes it may be better to combine the colors of the walls and cabinets. Be close, this is somewhat a matter of taste and depends on how you feel.


New and organic steel wall coverings are a special material that have recently been used as inter-cabinets in kitchens. Comfortable washing, beautiful and modern appearance, no stain, good resistance to heat and moisture are the features of steel that make it suitable for use as a kitchen wall covering.

Steel can be applied in one piece on the wall or tiles with steel coating can be applied on the wall, both of which are very beautiful and popular.

Natural stone and artificial stone

The stones are also the most luxurious and luxurious kitchen types, either natural or artificial, giving a unique beauty stone to the kitchen, causing it to shine like a light in the house.

The stone is basically a piece of wood or wood, polished and polished, polished and polished in a kitchen wall that you see in Zari.

High glass MDF and membranes

These two building materials are among the wood products that have recently been widely used in the home, especially in the kitchen, with the advancement of technology. The use of high-glass MDF and membranes as kitchen wall coverings in old houses that are being renovated is very common and gives it a beautiful and modern look.

But the only drawback is that it is not resistant to heat from the stove and burn marks appear on them over time.

2021 10/Oct