Laundry lighting

As mentioned, natural light is the best light for the laundry. If laundry laundry is made in a space that is not out of the way, it has to be used by lighting artificial lighting. The execution of false ceilings with halogen lights or hidden lighting is either a linear or linear place for this space.

Laundry is a work space and is desirable to attract proper light. The existence of the window is great, but if not, we need to add the local lighting under the cabinets to the general light of the space.

The proper light in the laundry is very important. Because it is necessary to look at the stains, the dirt of clothes and removing the stains and even drying clothes. The best option to provide light is the embedding of the window for the use of natural light. If you fail to embed a window, it is best to use the shaded lights in a room suitable for the room, so that you have enough light in all sections. It can be used to make room brighter than the mirror and bright colors.

2021 01/Sep