Parking flooring

The material used in the floor and walls must be washable. Some materials, such as epoxy or polyurethane flooring, concrete flooring, mosaic flooring, stone flooring, are common in parking floor coverings.

epoxy flooring or polyurethane flooring:

In fact, products are polymer and engineered, which is why it has a unique characteristic that satisfies many of our needs for a proper parking lot. This is exposed to water, oil, gasoline, and … washing and cleaning the flooring of the parking areas easily. In addition to increasing the resistivity, the covers give more precision to the garage floor, which has a big impact on beauty.

Most of the colors used to cover the parking floor are gray, but for more variety you can use red colors or colors in which natural tissues are used as granite and marble. Colors that have natural texture have a good advantage and that can be anti – slip so that conventional glass colors are safer.

Natural granite flooring:

A lithium / lithium polymer is based on lithium / lithium polymer, which results in improving the level of Shane’s surface and conventional concrete strength. This product is suitable for regular concrete or color, has a significant impact on the increase in the quality and color of the concrete.

It gives high durability and high brightness to concrete, which removes the need for oily polishing or other resin additives and has no reaction to the surface. The work method is that the surface of the concrete is immediately removed by the special apparatus, with the help of special diamonds, about a quarter of the top surface of the concrete.

Then, by using a combination of three special materials produced in the United States along with injection, polishing and baking operations with the help of very high speed machines, a very strong layer and coating is obtained, which in fact replaces the layer.

stone flooring:
The use of stone floors in the home parking lot will naturally be very beautiful, but they must be selected from a very durable and anti – stained fabric so that they can easily be removed from the surface. However, the choice of such durable models will significantly cost much more. granite is a igneous rock and is ideal as a natural stone for the floor in interior and outdoor spaces. Granite is available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The color and design are important factors determining the price of granite. The use of natural and natural stones such as natural stone and granite as a variety of parking flooring is very small because of their high cost, but well in residential buildings that are the luxury of criteria, the use of natural stones has always been considered.

Mosaic flooring:

Mosaics are also one of the best materials to use as a parking floor. Mosaic is an engineered product that is made during a specific process. This is the reason why mosaics have high hardness and strength and are considered as a suitable option for parking floors. The use of mosaics in parking lots is more common in smaller and less residential residential and non-residential buildings. Among the advantages of using mosaic in floor covering are acceptable hardness and resistance to pressures caused by traffic, variety in design and color, good execution speed, reasonable price, low maintenance and cleaning.

2021 03/Sep