Parking symptoms

In large and complex cities today, which have large – scale buildings, it is the best guide for visitors to the office buildings, businesses, residences, doctors building, etc., which are usually installed at the main entrance and entrance of each class. The panel guides are connected at the entry points and distribution points, introducing different parts of the building or area.

The use of these signs is important in the entry of the centers where the visitors are not easily able to find the route and places, and besides, they can also show the direction of movement. The guide panel is used to guide the clients and show the direction of the clients as well as prevent them from being confused in buildings.

The use of help panels is used in the types of models. Help signs should be selected with different colors and more with standard acronyms to make sense for everyone and not to be confused with the use of space when referring. The signs such as parking lots, floor number, arrival route and departures, health services, and steps, required warnings are usually introduced by these.

In recent years, a building guide panel has been designed and built in a variety of sizes and sizes, so that many administrative, healthcare and service center’s have been recommended to reduce their costs to the cheapest form, and have sacrificed standard and quality criteria to a low price that no doubt is a big mistake. The size of the guide signs should be determined according to the degree of distance of the individuals during the movement.

The selection of guidelines can be used in a variety of materials, such as material materials used in the manufacture of Plexiglas or لایت, which can be used in the back of them from incandescent lamps to expose the night. The metal plate on the metal surface is one of the other famous materials for the design of the paintings, which are painted with an electrostatic color.

Also for parking walls, if the walls are plaster, Knitex is a good option for painting. Because the walls of parking lots are often exposed to damage and Knitex paint is very strong and resistant to damage. Of course, oil paint can also be used for parking walls. But if the walls are made of cement, you can use acrylic and facade paints that are very high quality.

The design of the parking lot can be used to show parking lots. Color color color is typically made using oily colors and has small effects such as patine (tiny particles of one or more color)and has qualities such as oil color. The texture of the painting color of the building is opaque with multy color and covers all the surface bugs of the surface, and does not attract dust particles. That is why for all the chalk levels, stone, glass, wood, concrete, concrete, etc. and all environments, even staircases.

2021 13/Sep