Pool flooring

Choosing the right flooring for the swimming pool is a very important thing. To choose the type of flooring, you need to consider a lot. The choice of the choice floor should be safe; it means that when wet, it is possible to get slippery and eat on it.

Also, its surface must be flat and smooth. Choose a floor that reflects the heat, which means that during hot summer days the effect of warming does not cause the burning of the feet. Also, the type of choice is better than the other parts of your home, such as the yard, the yard, and …. in agreement


Concrete is good for many reasons for a selection, but not the best option for all. However, if you are looking for something simple, classical and economical, the concrete can be a suitable choice for you

Concrete Concrete (Broom Finish)

Concrete concrete is a textured concrete, which creates higher resistance levels against the slip to simple concrete. This is accomplished by drawing a broom on the concrete surface before it dries out.

Stamped concrete

This method is much cheaper than the ones that concrete mimics and takes shape. For example, if you want to use travertine or malone for flooring, your cost will be very high, while with step concrete you can reduce the price by up to 50%.

One of the negative aspects of the concrete concrete is that it can be a little slippery, and if you have a child in a vibrant family, you can use an alternative option. Also, concrete mats will need some periodic maintenance and maintenance.

Textured concrete

You can look at patterned concrete as something between a stamped floor and a vacuum cleaner. This model only has a general design on it and there is no need for molding and painting. And in this regard, it is cheaper and easier to implement.

The symplast

In the manufacture of wood the symplast is made of natural wood and rubber. If the amount of wood used in this product is standard, it can be considered similar to wood. On the other hand, composites are produced in different colors and designs. An important advantage of the symplast is its durability and its high resistance that occurs in direct contact with the water.

A variety of natural wood is left behind when it comes in contact with water and leaves many cracks in the hollow in the symplast before the water and the pool, and those who are supposed to walk around the pool with bare feet will not have any problems.

The scale of the دوام and the resistance of the symplast is above the moisture and the water. It is known that there is a large amount of polymeric resins that are used in PP and PE models, and in making the flooring made of rubber wood with high resistance, this causes the water not being absorbed in detail. It should be noted that the symplast is not required to preserve and repair yearly, and is in good condition.


If you want to perform the landscaping of the pool by using wood, you need to know that you can’t use any kinds of wood. In fact, only some sticks can be used for landscaping. Some of the main points that you can use to beautify space are:

Pine wood:

These types of wood, although cheap, but you should know that they are not very strong. For this reason, its use is not recommended for large pools. When you want to repair them, you can easily rebuild them.

They do not absorb heat at all, so if you step on them in the summer, your feet will not burn. If you want to use this wood on your pool, you should pay more attention to its maintenance and repair.

Teak wood:

One of the most important features of teak wood is its durability and high resistance. You will receive a lot of resistance against damage from these woods. Their style and value are very high, from which you can get a unique combination.

If you apply these sticks to the landscaping of the pool, they do not need a lot of maintenance. But it’s best to apply the basics to keep it safe.


Travertine keeps the outdoor area cool in hot weather and is a great choice for pool flooring in the yard. In previous years, travertine was considered a luxury material, but recently its price has dropped dramatically and thus has become one of the most common materials in all types of flooring and paving, which along with Pool and used in hot weather.

The stone around the pool should have features such as strength, beauty, non-slip, thickening, applicability, ability to produce a width of 60, no stone hollow, no porosity, pores.

Marble due to its capabilities such as the ability to produce width 60, lack of stone hollow, strength, beauty, non-slip, thickening, practicality and non-porosity and porosity of the most suitable stone for use in the pool and its surroundings is.

Marble is a limestone. Marble is composed of compounds such as calcium carbonate, calcite, dolomite, crystal and magnesium. Marble is a type of metamorphic limestone. The strength and stability of marbles are high and they are resistant to weathering and water penetration.

Artificial grass

The artificial lawn of the pool is one of the latest designs for landscaping. The design has extensive use in residential, entertainment and residential buildings. Architects and designers pay special attention to the artificial lawn of the area. With the artificial lawn installation of the pool, the dramatic pool is created more dramatic at a very low price. How to apply these materials is not always the same. There are generally two different design types to use artificial lawns in pools. One of the kinds of models is artificial grass that you can use.

Artificial grass is generally operated globally by the pool next to the pool. This creates a green space with a beautiful landscape next to the pool for rest. In parks and urban green spaces, artificial grass is also used as a patch of green lawns that helps raise the morale of the citizens and feel general exhilaration. There is even a possibility of working on artificial lawns around the pool, which is very attractive and spectacular.

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