Pool standard

The pool is defined as a collection of facilities, equipment, equipment and facilities aimed at bathing, swimming, diving, swimming, and other recreational destinations. The complex structures are constructed of typical building materials such as cement, brick, metal, and other impervious materials that can be designed and implemented privately, swimming pools in terms of the type of educational, practice, competition, recreational or therapeutic activity

bathing and bathing are one of the most popular sports and recreation for every age and age. But the confusion, the congestion and the closeness of the public pools may drive many people away from this useful hobby. The home pool can resolve the problem and provide you with your family fun and fun at home.

The pool is divided into two main outdoor categories in terms of the location of the building.

Outdoor swimming pool:
Outdoor swimming pools are usually built in the garden and courtyard of villas, building terraces or even rooftops. Open and small pools have a great impact on the beauty of the exterior of villas. Do not find attractive.

Such pools do not have a certain standard in terms of length, width and height.
Therefore, recreational pools are constructed in different geometric shapes and with different equipment and facilities.
In such pools, most of the pool pond is less than 1.70 meters deep.
A small section is also created with markers with a depth of more than 1.70.
The slope of the floor of recreational pools should be gentle and not more than seven percent.

A suitable place for swimming pools in gardens / villas should be a place that: – has protection against wind. – Can be seen from the kitchen and living room inside the house. – It is possible to see and monitor children while swimming. There should be no deciduous trees or shrubs near the pond and the distance between the plants and the pond should be such as to prevent leaves and grass from falling into the pond.

Around the pool; Provide a walking path around and around.
The minimum width of the pool should not be less than 2/25.
The minimum length for a swimmer to move is 1.5 meters plus the length of the human body.

Indoor swimming pool:
Indoor pools are one of the best types of pools because it can be used in all seasons without restrictions, as well as the possibility of installing all pool options (water curtain, waterfall, Andelspool, foot massage system and…).

Standard conditions for indoor and outdoor pools are: water temperature 26-27 degrees Celsius, air temperature 30-31 degrees Celsius, relative humidity 60-70 percent and maximum air circulation speed is 0.25 meters per second. In general, the dehumidifier should be installed according to the day-to-day operations.

Note that most evaporation occurs during the day, when the pool is most used. You need to make sure that your humidifier is large enough to withstand 100% of the humidity outside the swimming pool in the summer.

Access to the pool can be through the living room or the main bedroom of the house (in this case, the bedroom space can be used for shower and dressing room). in this way; There is a swimming pool to disinfect the feet and prevent contamination.

2021 12/Oct