Roof Garden Class

The categories of Roof garden classes are divided into five classes of classes A, Class B, Class B, Class D and Class E. The following describes each one:

Roof garden of class A

In Roof garden class A is used as a floor or tile as a roof. The small bush is used as a plant shield and the Roof garden of the garden is covered by natural grass.

Green spaces are made by insulation and drainage. In this Roof garden, the garden is used to provide furniture and wooden furniture. The hidden light and lights in the area are also used in the lighting direction.

Roof garden Class B:

In Roof garden class B is used as a roof floor. Green space is performed in a box and vase, and plants such as pine are used as vegetation.

The furniture used to design this space, furniture, and leather. Lighting this type of Roof garden is using lights in the yard. It is also used to design this Roof garden.

Roof garden Class C:

At Roof garden Class C, the roof is used as a roof floor. The execution of the green space in a wooden box is a steps and is used as a plant cover. It is a wooden furniture and is used in a Roof garden light and hidden light in the direction of lighting.

In the design of this space, the shaded space is used. Remember that they are being used for Roof garden Design, they have differences with normal samples, because the wind power is high over the Roof garden, and hence, some examples of special design have been used.

Garden Class D:

Roof garden Class D design is quite similar to Class C design. In design of this Roof garden, a staircase is used as a roof floor. The implementation of the green space using a wooden box is a steps and vegetation is made using natural flowers and plants. Lightning is done using a Roof garden lamp and by hidden lighting. The shade is also available in Roof garden class D design from other points.

Garden Class E:

In Roof garden Class E is used as a roof floor. The vegetation cover is the center of artificial grass and is used to implement the green space in order to implement the green space. It is also used to design this type of Roof garden. wood furniture is wood furniture and Roof garden lighting is done using a garden lamp.

2021 18/Sep