Roof garden components

The main components of the Garden area are much that are designed according to the tastes of the people and the design space of the building. The following are the introduction and introduction of some of their types:


bower are often made of wood or metal, and the roof is generally covered by waterproof material, such as pottery or hedge, in the best of galvanized cards with anti – polymer and emulsion coating. It should be noted that open space preparations must be seen in the raw materials of the bower structure.

Wood and painted metal are suggested for this purpose. Typically, a circular, quadrilateral, hexagon, hexagonal and octagon are more pronounced than the other models.

Wooden bower:

wood bower is made in two types of wood and wood, which is a combination of two elements of wood and metal. In bower, all wood is built and the exterior and exterior decoration is used, and the other is that the structure has been made of metal, but furniture and interior decoration is made of wood.

bower are designed and constructed in a variety of forms. Small or large wooden bower, modern bower, traditional bower, double decker bus, classic bower, tree bower. bower is prepared and ready are the best of all.

Prepare and Portable bower:

bower is ready for an applied and beautiful device that can be easily erected in any place you like. An awning for sitting and a convenient means to prevent wind and possible rains that are made in two forms. Its built type is designed to be built and constructed in cement, concrete and concrete models. But in the case of the arbour, there is no need for permanent and habitable places. The bower body is prepared from the metal or the furnace color, which is contained in a sheet of tarpaulin, or a plastic press, and uses it in many different uses. Another benefit is to install and mount it quickly and can be collected in a short period of time.

pergola :
pergola – roofed structures with flat roofs or curved shapes. that it is a simple, networked structure, and it is accompanied by the most preferred از in the design of the landscape.

pergola are constructed in two types of wood or metal and in various forms such as pergola terrmo wood, pergola wood plast, wooden pergola and metal pergola with respect to the structure of the structure in either separate or attached form.


Another way to beautify the building and design a professional villa is to build a fountain or a swimming pool in Garden. The pool building can create an environment of fun and happiness in your rooftop environment.

As well as providing a soothing voice in the environment, they can also provide a quiet and pleasant atmosphere for your family, friendly, or even your work.

Moreover, building a fountain near the Green Wall can also be an exciting idea.

the combination of green wall and fountain is another method that has been considered in recent years and can restore life in the natural environment for you at home.

Barbecue and fireplace:

The barbecue or grill is one of the best ways to cook and grill the foods, and if you want to dedicate a part of the open space to the grill, you’d better design the Barbecue Dress with the specific model. Here are some ideas for the barbecue design that we hope to enjoy the barbecue. The Barbecue Dress in Garden is designed if the heating system supplies its heat with electricity, and these types of devices often have a heat set of cooking heat, so that the cooking level is closely monitored.

It ” s important to design the decorating of the garden and decorating the balcony and roof, and you can design beauty to comfort and comfort your family members in part of the open space of the arbour and the barbecue. The Barbecue Dress is used for the barbecue and rock and metal, which is the choice of any of these materials for the barbecue design, which is better if you choose the type of material used in the barbecue, according to the other materials used in the open space. The barbecue is used in open space such as the yard and balcony and roof and roof, and the Barbecue Dress is more beautiful in addition to being applicable.

You can assign a portion of the Garden and your backyard or your villa on the barbecue. The Barbecue Dress is designed in all types of simple and practical models, which depend on the size and size of the space that you have taken to build a grill. If you want the barbecue to have practical design, it’s better to have the cupboards and sink sink under the counter and use cabinets to keep things in particular.

In some of the Barbecue models the counter is designed with a special geometrical form and is often used as a dining table at the counter of the counter. Notice that if there is an arbour in the courtyard or on your roof, the barbecue is better placed in the distance between the two columns. There is a lot of luxury barbecue models in Garden, which is mounted on the wall and is also suitable for yard and yard space. This model does not occupy much space in the barbecue and is used by urban gas and liquid gas, and there are folding, folding, and sliding models and one of the best products available in the market.

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