roof garden furniture

The only way you can use the roof of the house so that you can have a space to relax, adding furniture, table and furniture in the roof garden.

 If you only think of making furniture for the green roof that will last longer and don’t care about it, basically, why are you looking for furniture, remember that, if you decide to fit the roof atmosphere for recreation and recreation.

 The furniture on the roof practically gives you a beautiful outdoor sitting room, the roof of which is the sky.

Furniture Material

The first step should specify limits on the roof of the house. One of the most fundamental limitations of investigating weather conditions.

 The moisture, the amount of rainfall, the amount of dust, the temperature of the sun, the amount of solar radiation, the amount of wind, and temperature will be effective in your choice

The next step is to choose the manufacturing material. The conventional wood must not be held accountable in the open space and is one of the best options for furniture in Roof garden Roof garden.

Termo Wood is actually seeing the same hot wood that is processed in certain conditions and suitable for open spaces.

 Another choice is metal. Metal will always have a loss of rust and weight. Your third option is a variety of plastic furniture that has recently found many fans, the types of furniture Roof garden furniture are also included in the plastic furniture category. Natural resources can be used in certain situations.

In case of Roof garden Metal, there will be a corrosion problem if it is used aluminum. Iron furniture and stainless steel is somewhat better in this respect, of course, the need for maintenance and care. In addition, metal furniture is very heavy. It was heavy that there would be an advantage in weather conditions where the wind and the heavy storm existed.

Plastic furniture is cheap and beautiful. By changing the cushion and the mattress, you will be able to quickly change the decoration. You can easily displace the furniture. It’s acceptable design. No problems will be created if the furniture is needed from the roof.

The plastic is very high in the rain, moisture, and sunlight. There will be no maintenance cost on your hand. Just pack the cushions and the mattresses and make sure.

2021 31/Aug