Roof Garden Materials

Each space needs the appropriate flooring and outer spaces, including the yard, the green roof and the Garden of Garden Garden are no exception. Grass, paths, sand and … beds are where we move. The factors that matter in the selection of the Garden flooring is beauty, efficiency, and stability of the flooring, as well as noting what a user is outside, can help us with the right choice of the flooring.

A good flooring helps protect your roof, which is resistant to weather and ultraviolet (UV)radiation, and has sufficient durability. Be with us to examine the other important features of the Garden of Garden. A good floor has several features that will help protect the roof.

The Garden of Garden has to be very durable and fit for your place of life. However, there are some of the main features that you must remember when dealing with the right flooring that are discussed below.

adequate flooring of the warm regions

If you want to consider durable flooring for the unbearable heat of hot summer days, the best option is high temperature corrugated flooring, which keeps your feet cool when exposed to hot temperatures and indirect sunlight. These floors are often used in public swimming pools and wet places. Because they are antimicrobial and anti-environmental, they prevent slipping and falling.

Artificial grass

If you want to create a beautiful, vibrant green space for your fans, but the cost and maintenance of the green space will worry you, the Garden of Chaman is a great option for you. It looks like a natural grass, but it ” s very durable and easy to clean and maintain. The polyethylene material used in the field causes a natural sensation towards this type of grass and prevents the change in the weather conditions in the open air.

The symplast

The symplast is one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly materials that no trees have been cut off for its first production, and no harm is done to the environment.

Nowadays, in Iran, due to the high resistance of the symplast in the face of sunlight, dampness, and temperature variations, it is one of the main materials used in designing and equipping the green roof and landscaping and landscaping in particular.


Effect of small cost, low cost, more visual facade and easier execution, but are more commonly used as the flooring, combined with other coatings of low cost.

Polymeric Block

The polymer block is a type of concrete that has good points in properties such as resistance to wear and wear, stretching and flexural strength and… The primary material in these materials is resin, water, cement, and glue, and has a variety of colours and designs, including those for the blind, and the main advantage of having a thick thickness is low.

This type of flooring has different dimensions, applicable with regard to the employer’s request and the intended design, which is generally used in layouts with dimensions of 30 A * 60 and 40 * 40 *.

The polymer block can be applicable either individually or with special adhesive or adhesive, and can also be used independently or with other materials such as artificial grass or gravel.

Wash concrete

Another material used in green roofing, green yards or green terraces is concrete wash. Concrete washes are made from a combination of cement, mineral aggregates with natural color, concrete adhesive and other concrete additives in various designs and patterns using different colors.

The high resistance of concrete washes to climate change is one of the factors that has made it possible to use it outdoors and in green spaces. Concrete washes are made in different dimensions (30 * 30_ 40 * 40_ 50 * 50_ 30 * 60), the most common and most widely used of which are 30 x 60 and 4 to 4.5 cm thick.


In addition to cheap and easy – fitting flooring, this type of flooring gives a natural appearance to the environment. But almost the possibility of moving and moving on them is done very hard, but the composition of sand with tiny colored stones can double the visual beauty of space.

The above mentioned items are not the only available options available. Your choice will depend on your taste and budget. It should also take into account the choice of the roof conditions and the final weight of the structure. Natural grass, tiles and ceramics, natural stones plates and thin layers of rock are other types of rock that are possible to implement at small scales.

2021 11/Oct