Roof Garden Materials

(a)The flooring;

The flooring and the layers that are covered on the floor of a building or any other site are referred to as the flooring.

The operation of floors in the building industry is known as the floor. The floor covers are divided into different types of material and usage according to the various economic points and functions required. In general, the Roof garden of Roof garden or the green roof can be covered with a variety of material. The types of floor flooring can be referred to as:

  • termo Wood
  • Concrete
  • Types of stone
  •  Artificial grass

Wood and terrmo wood

Wood is one of the old types of flooring but has never been abolished. The flooring is used under certain conditions, for example in hilly areas and in moist places. The wooden flooring is also used in the dance halls and in the galleries. The wood flooring has a great variety of material, that the termo wood flooring is also one of the wooden flooring that is resistant to moisture. The wooden boards may be placed directly on the bed of the concrete or placed on wooden frames; in the second case, the floor should be properly ventilated.

The wood is not protective in the outer environment and should be protected against the attacks of insects and fungi (rot)and contraction of wet and drying. Many techniques to manage these risks, including the use of woody species that are inherently stable against corrosion, adding chemical preservatives to sensitive cheeks and covering wood, such as painting, can be used.

due to the use of wood wood, some disadvantages of wood such as dimensional instability, such as inflation in wet weather and decomposition with time by insects and environmental damage. The termo termo wood is actually a thermal modification that is exposed to decay during different temperatures, the inherent disadvantages of the wood, as well as their dimensions in the effect of moisture and temperature change. During the thermal reform process, the wood takes a solid brown color and increases its life. It also acts as an insulating roof garden.

Termo wood or the heat – healing board has been commercialized in Europe for several years. The termo wood for the siding, the types of flooring, the types of flooring, including wood flooring, outer facade, pool and outdoor furniture can be used. It can be said that termo wood is a special wooden substance that, in addition to the properties of wood such as beauty and versatility, will have features such as dimensional stability, resistance to rot and so on.

Concrete Tayel

Tile Concrete expose tayel are rectangular objects that are made from compounds such as concrete and mortar in a specific format of varying sizes and after drying. Tayel can have different sizes and designs due to the taste of people. Concrete Tayel has a thickness of about 4 mm and an approximate weight of 7 kg / m2.

Stone flooring

Stone flooring are natural, beautiful, and always stylish. They are naturally cool and have a hard surface and are ideal for hot weather and don ” t get dust and allergic substances, but neither heat insulation nor heat insulation is suitable for the colder climates. The effect of stains and stains on the rock is difficult to remove. The stones for the installation on the mortar surface of 20 – 25 mm are exposed to the concrete surface.

Artificial grass

The fake lawn for roof garden is a beautiful alternative to the roof and natural vegetation in the green roof. The artificial roof garden with a natural appearance will convey the same feeling to the viewer, while the lack of soil or large care for the grass and weeds makes it lighter and feel more comfortable at the master of the house. Among the types of grass, the appropriate type can be selected according to the balcony or roof terrace and the available space.

Wall Plugs

The wall is the separator element between the outer and outer space. Also, the short walls of the trench made on the roof can also be covered with different material. The roof garden wall, which has a minimum height of 90 cm, can be covered as a trench with different material. Other types of Wall Plugs in roof Garden can be traced to Concrete stone Tayel, as indicated that these materials are also used as roof gaden floor Plugs.

Green Wall

The Green Wall and roof Garden are green spaces that allow you to use the unused space of the building, in the best possible way. The construction of the Green and roof Garden Wall in the Buildings is designed and implemented in order to benefit from the characteristics of plants. The two elements of building beautification can increase the efficiency of the structure, reduce the temperature of the internal and external environment and improve the quality of air.

In the green walls and roofs, the kinds of plants and flowers can be planted with different purposes. But note that when installing a green wall and roof Garden, you need to consider the weather and the moisture. Both roof Garden and the Green Wall with different plants have the same advantages for the buildings, including villas. among the advantages of building beautification elements can be optimized to optimize costs by reducing energy consumption by 23 %, decreasing air temperature up to 10 C, reduction of sound pollution by reducing sound reflection, improving air quality in the house, and of the beautification.

The green walls and doors of ها are able to revive the neglected space of the wall or roof of the buildings by setting up green and cheerful buildings. these beautiful elements of the buildings, which fortunately have received a lot of attention in recent years, can improve the health of our soul and body by creating a sense of exhilaration in the building.

2021 31/Aug