Roof Garden Plants

The most influential of Roof Garden is the green space created by artificial or natural grass. It may also create a few plants and a pot of green space. One of the main parts of Garden or the green roof is the plant. Choosing the right plant is one of the main points to pay attention to.

Among the factors that you need to remember when selecting the plant is the strength of the plant’s resistance to direct sunlight.

Also, choice plants must also be resistant to cold, heat, sunlight, and potential winds. However, the use of shrubs and ornamental shrubs may be an appropriate option to use.

The root growth of the plant is also one of the most important points when selecting Roof Garden. It is best to use samples that fit the region’s weather conditions.

Plants that store water and need not constant watering are the best option for Roof Garden. These plants not only display the beauty of the roof but also save water.

The right choice of plants

The right choice of plants to grow in the Roof Garden and garden wall is your first step to have a beautiful, green space at home. You should choose those plants that are consistent with your region’s climate. Poor choice of plants that do not conform to weather conditions, solar radiation, wind blowing and … your residence can cause you to miss the beauty of Garden or your green wall after a while.

We also suggest choosing plants that are green all year round. You will make the Roof Garden of the roof or the green of your whale ever shine in your building.

Maintenance of Plants

The preservation and retention of green spaces, especially on rooftops, should be carried out regularly and using its experts. Roof Garden needs more maintenance because it is subject to maximum environmental tensions. Roof maintenance, maintenance of plants and trees and maintaining its cleanliness to prevent an exit from the top priorities are the main priorities.

cultivation of loved plants

When you want to take action to plant plants in the Roof Garden, be sensitive to your choices. Try to keep track of the diversity of plants so that the beauty of space gets bigger, but it doesn’t look too crowded. If you can use plants that have shade by planting flowers and shrubs, you can use them to have a cool and cool space in the summer season.

The planting of your favorite plants is another of the most important elements in the design and implementation of Roof Garden and the Green Wall to beautify the building. in fact beauty is different from the look of people, and the tastes of people differ. So, in order to have a house or a beautiful building, you need to choose the plants that fit your taste.

For this purpose, you can first provide a list of herbs that fit the area of your residence, as well as the plants of the four seasons, and then prioritize the selection and planting of them based on the amount of interest you have in each of them.

Green Wall:

The Green Wall and Roof Garden are green spaces that allow you to use building spaces, in the best possible way. The construction of the Green Wall and Roof Garden is designed and implemented in buildings to benefit from plants ‘ properties. The two elements of building beautification can increase the efficiency of the structure, reduce the temperature of the internal and external environment and improve the quality of air.

In the green walls and roofs, the kinds of plants and flowers can be planted with different purposes. However, note that when installing a green wall and Roof Garden, it should also take into account the weather and humidity. Both Roof Garden and the Green Wall with different plants have the same advantages for the buildings, including villas. among the advantages of building beautification elements can be optimized to optimize costs by reducing energy consumption by 23 %, decreasing air temperature up to 10 C, reduction of sound pollution by reducing sound reflection, improving air quality in the house, and of the beautification.

Green walls and garden walls can revive the neglected space in the wall or roof of the buildings by creating a green and vibrant space. these beautiful elements of the buildings, which fortunately have received a lot of attention in recent years, can improve the health of our soul and body by creating a sense of exhilaration in the building.

Air mist and Fire pit

Drive the cool air mist fans to your side in the summer and keep your company warm against the Fire pit in the winter.

Air mist or fog maker are divided into three categories.

There is a machine in the first group that powder the water by a blow and can be seen in mist.

The second group is the machines that use chemicals and produce mist.

The third category is the normal Air Force machine, which rejects water by pressure from very small outputs, and the water is powdered out.

2021 01/Sep