Terrace and balcony lighting

It’s common to use light strands, attractive lanterns, and minimal lighting lights to make this room more beautiful.

Before you start, you will have to place the placement of the decorative strings and the location of the power supply. If you don’t have a power outlet to light your balcony, you can also use the long – term mobile cord. After specifying the location, you will need to carefully examine the length and type of the lights.

Before purchasing the string lights, measuring the distance to be decorated with the height of the distance that is projected to be embellished, you should also calculate all the irregular and zigzag paths. Of course, this measurement should not be too careful, just a simple approximation that will show you how much light bulb.

Because the roof and balcony have a roof, it can be easily supported by installing a hook or roof hook, so that it can easily support the support lamps. You have more freedom to choose the plan, for example, instead of a straight line, you can use a zigzag pattern of a zigzag pattern.

2021 06/Sep