The difference between terraces and balconies

There are many words in the Persian language vocabulary that are read in a common language with a name, while they have a different use and structure, such as many words in the field of architecture are many different words that have a different approach. Today we see that words are written from other languages into Persian words, which sometimes do not know the exact meaning or equivalent of it in Persian language. One of them is the terrace, the balcony, or the porch.

the most important difference is the balcony and terrace and its legal aspects. The balconies are part of the flat area and apartments that have to be roofed and added to it. This space can be on either side or on several sides. But the terrace is part of the commons ” commons, which is not under its foundation and must be without the roof. But the spring of sleep is distinct from these two definitions, as it must be made in the outer part of the building and usually above its surroundings. In decorating your dream, you can use a variety of elements.

The balcony is always a fully open space and may be located in the upper part or roof of the building, but the balcony is smaller than the verandah, but the balcony is smaller than the terrace and the upper floors are added to a room while the porch has separate entries. The balconies are opened wide and open, but the verandah cannot be worn without separate and defined plan.

It is a roof – roofed place, and the porch is a low – roofed place. The commons is generally based on commons in general and generally. But the balcony is always the area of an apartment, for instance, an area of 80 square meters, including a terrace of 5 square meters, but on the balcony, for instance, an area of 95 meters, which is four square meters of the balcony.
Most of the differences between the terrace and the balcony are related to the following three:

How to design balcony and terraces:

The term terrace is derived from the Latin root of the word earth, so in previous times, they used the word for instruments that were made on the ground with materials such as wood and rock and timber. Nowadays, the porch is used in many cases for open space and the links that arise on the roof, in many cases, the passive term is replaced by the term terrace. The balcony is also a part that is directly attached to one side of the building and is surrounded on high levels, with a wall or fence and wall, and if you live in a crowded city, you can enjoy privacy on the balcony of your home with an appropriate covering of privacy and are less prone to wind and sun.

The location in the building:

The balcony is often located on the upper floors of the building, and in most cases the balconies are the balconies connected to the building while the verandah is used to create a flat surface such as patio, patio, or space serving the outer space of the building.


The size of the first difference is between these two spaces and, in many cases, the terrace is made considerably larger than the balcony, depending on the difference in how these two spaces are used.

Since both spaces (terrace and balcony)go to the outer space and make you experience your leisure in the open air, you have not understood the mentioned differences. But in this Buzzle article, you have found enough information about “the balcony difference with the terrace” and the concept of each of them. Generally speaking, large – scale entertainment spaces for the building and balconies are smaller, but private spaces for your house.

2021 11/Sep