Types of parking

Basically, parking or parking lots is where cars are used when they are not used. parking can be located in open spaces, such as roads or in closed space, such as the building, where access is either private or public.

The parking lot can be considered as an integral element of buildings. They can be divided into different aspects such as access, size and size, number of vehicles inside parking, car types, materials used in manufacture and so on.

It is listed below a variety:

Segmentation in terms of location (ground and ground):

On the ground floor of the residential apartments, each unit has a separate parking space, which, according to the nature and dimensions of the parking lot, are put together and often put together. In the design of this parking lot, it has to be sufficient space to move the vehicle and enter and exit.

Segmentation by Size (small, medium, large):

parking lots of sizes and sizes include small, medium, and large parking lots. The small parking lot has three parks for the car. The average garage has a capacity of 4 to 25 parking parking locations and large parking, capacity of over 25.

Segmentation in terms of ownership  (Exclusive and common):

Special parking lots are those whose range is completely located in the home document or lease and is obviously attached to an apartment unit. The owner or tenant of this apartment unit can specifically use this parking lot and include vehicles like cars, motorcycles and bicycles, but the common parking lot is those that share the units of an apartment and can use them in an agreement. The apartments where the number of units are high and the number of warehouses or parking lot are low.

2021 05/Sep