Types of pool

pool shapes

One of the important steps in Villa’s design is the selection of the right shape for it. The choice of shape depends largely on space as well as the taste and budget of individuals.

Selection of a rectangle, curved, built – in, or swimming pools each in different conditions can be an option.

Generally, the flat pools make up to 12.5 metres, the length of which is 12.5 meters, is that it is a multiple of the number 100, so that if one has a swim lane, it is eight times the length of this distance, such that it travels 100 meters.

Note: The length of 100 m and the other Multiples  of 100 global standards for building any pond type that is best observed in an apartment pool, as well as the dimensions and dimensions.

  • Small rectangular pools

It is essential to pay attention to the size and size of the yard to build a pool, and if there is no room in the predicted atmosphere for pool or space patio, it is best to mix pools with specific and specific patterns. Most people think pools are more beautiful in shape and design if rectangular pools have their own beauty and charm.

  •  box pools

The pools act like a Jacuzzi, and the pool size is also selected in terms of the size of the backyard.

  • Small and narrow pools

In some cases, there is no possibility of building a pool with a wide width, so you can use pools low in the space of small courtyards. Most of the narrow pools range between 1 and 1.5 m and the length of the pool is equal to the length of the house.

  • Small curve pools

pools of curved shapes occupy more space in the courtyard area. pools formed of several semicircular shapes and shapes are different.

  • circular pool

The curved pools in the circle, semi – circular or oval are always attractive options for selection and fabrication. This type of pool has a different appearance than the traditional and classic, depending on the space you have at your disposal.

Depth of pool

The depth of water for diving is of great importance and must be proportional to the elevation of water from the surface of the water. The minimum water depth for دایوی 1 m must be at least 30 / 5 m. The pool is primarily devoted to a diving platform at a height of 3 m above the water level. At least water depth should be 20 / 6 meters and the depth of both sides is 70 / 2 m.

An enclosed pool water is vaporized at a value of 16 g / m2 / h (when water is stagnant and does not use the pool)to the maximum of 204 g / m2 / h (when used from the pool). This process will continue until it reaches the saturation point.

2021 01/Sep