Pantry Room Kitchen

Pantry, in fact, looks like a closet or dressing room, except that there are food and supplies in this room. In fact, the term coined from the French word “pan” means bread.

When it comes to talking about Rome, most of the storage room is usually so big that it can be big enough to walk around and get access to various items.

It is best to look into the kitchen or the closest to the kitchen. It depends on the kitchen space and the area of area available. In the secret kitchen or the kitchen, you can assign a portion for the food rack and the installation of the Pantry cabinet. For projects in a room, the appropriate size is, for example, 150 x 150 cm and U – shaped.

Use the doors that open out. You can use open doors or glass doors where contents are visible. If the kitchen environment is limited, the rail cabinets that are known as the supermarket can be used.

The layout of the Pantry shelves was classified according to the investigations and the studies on human agronomy were classified as follows. It is best to use dry foods (such as)less used in the upper floors and tins of canning and materials that have to be consumed earlier, according to the history of usage, to be directly on the eye. In the lower classes, you can assign a variety of devices that are less used, or devices that can be available to children.

The cells have several walls, which can be stacked from the ground to the ground and stored dozens of items in it. You can fill it with your own taste or use the cupboards and a variety of cabinets with any ideas that may be possible for you.

Here are the introduction of some of the features that can be considered in detail:

Glasses banke:

Pour the bottles and bottles of glass in a bowl. The harmony in the shape and dimensions of the glass and its contents gives special order and beauty to the kitchen space.


Easy storage with a look, especially for larger instruments.

Drawers and low – depth baskets:

Shallow drawers are a simple way to find smaller means. The deeper baskets are ideal for holding vegetables or bread.


This is a marble shelf (usually marble)that remains naturally under room temperature. This is ideal for several hundred years ‘ storage for products like butter and eggs that have to be kept at low temperatures.

The spices:

The best closets use the smallest spaces, and in the doors. shelves can be used to store spices, oils, smaller food packages.

2021 07/Sep