Ruzanoo Beauty salon

Rosano Beauty Salon is located on a land with an area of 200 square meters and 160 square meters of infrastructure on two ground and first floors with two different uses (ground floor: cosmetic-first: residential) in kianpars area, Ahvaz city.
In this project , according to the linear form of the plan , the use of rigid volume , which is the purest form among the volumes and is associated with stillness and calm , has been the best choice for the user.
This linear volume is a form without direction and is a symbol for introversion, which according to the function of the building ( beauty salon) has established the necessary harmony between indoor and outdoor space.
An important and thought-provoking issue in the design of this project is the separation of the ground floor and first floor entrance from each other.
Covering the access staircase to the upper floor,which is located on the left side of the courtyard, by performing slabs with different sizes and stepped rhythm, induces upward movement in the viewers eyes and at the same time , changing the material used in the main facade of the building eliminates the sense of uniformity for the viewer.
The next challenge that was important in the implementation of the main facade is the presence of the courtyard on the upper floor because the facade had to be designed and executed in such a way that the lighting and at the same time maintaining the privacy of the upper floor should be considered and do not affect the grandeur and height of the main facade.
For this reason a lattice plate with almost regular openings that allow light to pass through the upper floor and maintain privacy due to the use( beauty salon) on the lower floor , in the upper left and lower right view , lighting through facade openings are done.
The grille with rings made of Russian wood and coated with polyurethane paints and punched and mounted on metal plates made by the executive team of executing company has been very economical.
The entrance door to the building is directed to the corner of the facade , which is in harmony with the rhythm of the floor construction and can create different access to the building.
The metal frame with the depth that is executed in the facade induces a sense of invitation and also the execution of the door frame , with the width and depth of the challenge, solves the imbalance and bearing weight of the heavy facade to the door.
The element on the right side of the facade , in addition to covering the upstairs WC ,is in harmony with the facade slabs of the courtyard walls.In interior design, the presence of skylights in addition to providing natural light and creating green space , evokes a sense of dynamism for people and due to the simple form of the plan and the proximity of eyelashes and tattoos to the interior green space, glass partitions are used to separate the space.
We have also tried to create a better feeling for the clients and staff by using colored accessories(chandeliers and furnitures).




Mehrdad Esmaeilian


Parisa Poursina


Reza Esmaeilian


200 m




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